Welcome the Grouard McLennan Cursillo Movement Web Page! This web page is intended to provide current information about the activities and affairs of the Grouard/McLennan secretariat (all the people in the diocese who have made a Cursillo Weekend).

The Grouard/McLennan Cursillo Movement has been operating since 1979, when an outreach from Kelowna got us started. Our purpose is the same as that of the Cursillo - Make a Friend, Be a Friend, Bring a Friend to Christ. We are dedicated to expanding the Kingdom of Christ through evangelizing environments using this Cursillo method. We hold Cursillo weekends in the spring and fall of every year, separate weekends for men and women.

"The G-M Cursillo Movement encourages husbands to attend a weekend before their wives as this has traditionally born fruit in the movement. However, we recognize that there are situations where a husband may never attend, despite the best efforts of the Christian Community to sponsor him on a weekend. In such cases, women can apply to attend a weekend, with a note of explanation from their sponsor. Each case will be individually reviewed by the candidate selection committee and a decision returned to the sponsor shortly after the candidate selection meeting."

The goal of a Cursillo weekend is that each candidate and team member be renewed in their faith and continue their faith journey after the weekend by being part of a smaller Christian Community that meets weekly. The Cursillo has a method for this called Group Reunion, but other methods are also viable (like Bible Study groups, Prayer groups, etc). We also hold monthly gatherings of those who have made a Cursillo (or would like to) called Ultreya. For more information please click on Cursillo Weekends or Group Reunions or Ultreyas.

What is a Cursillo?

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